How to Change WiFi Router’s Login Password?

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All modems and routers have default configurations, including the device IP address, Router’s Login password , Network’s  connection password  and the WiFi network’s  Name.Usually, the users prefer to use these default configurations, or only try to change the name of the network, So they exposes themselves at many risks, including the hacking of the modem and accessing the devices inside the network.

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It is best to change all the default configurations when installing a modem or router, so that the hackers can’t penetrate into your network using them. You should know that all default configuration’s information for all modems and routers are available on the internet, so the hackers can access them by a simple search.

As mentioned In This Post , you can connect to router’s configuration page by typing the router’s default IP address in an explorer  (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer …). “If you don’t know the default router’s IP address , take a look to the router’s  label “

When you enter the router’s default IP address, a page similar to the following page will be appears and asking you to enter the router’s user name and password for login to the configuration’s page:

If you have not changed the default configurations, you must use the default username and password to login, which is usually written in the router’s label:

Now that you can get access to the device settings, just navigate to the “Credential Settings “ or ” Maintenance –>Administration” and change the Router’s Login Password. (Note that the default username in most routers is “Admin” and there is usually no need to change that).

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