Secure WiFi Routers
Ensuring the security of a WiFi network is not part of the duties of a router. This is done by antivirus software on the user’s computers. So we cannot expect a WiFi router to help us that much in securing the network.
But because we cannot install antivirus software on most devices (such as different types of gadgets, smart home services, smart TVs, and some types of mobiles or tablets) in a WiFi network, and the fact that most malicious software and viruses enter the network via the internet, some WiFi router manufacturers have decided to implement different security features that can secure the network entry point, which is the WiFi router itself.
Currently, there aren’t a lot of manufacturers that do this, but other manufacturers are rapidly catching on. Considering our very high experience in network security, we have listed the best secure router for small business, medium business and home along with the most secure routers that have advanced WiFi security features.

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