Beamforming Routers

Beamforming is a unique and useful technology that allows the router to focus the waves towards where the user or target device is, hence increasing the signal quality and speed.

Note that routers that don’t have this technology emit and propagate the waves uniformly. Even when there’s no user or device in the environment.
The network quality is low in places with a lot of noise and disturbances. So, it’s recommended to use routers that support beamforming in these areas.
Theoretically, any router that supports the WiFi5 or WiFi6 standard should be capable of supporting this technology. But only a few routers actually do and they can be quite expensive as well.

Beamforming vs MIMO :

In general, there are two complex technologies in WiFi networks, MIMO and BeamForming . Both of them increase the quality and speed of users communication. But these two technologies are technically different. The MIMO technology means that the client uses several antennas simultaneously to receive or send data.

In a simple word, the client can divide data into parts and send or receive each part by one of the antennas. In this way, the throughput of sending and receiving information increases.

On the other hand, the Beamforming technology also uses several antennas simultaneously, but in a completely different way in which using simple rules of physics.

Antennas act in a way that can strengthen the overall output signal (focus the signal) so that they can overcome the environment noise and create more quality communication.

 Our team, which is highly experienced in WiFi network technologies, has put together this practical and real list of beamforming routers.

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