WiFi 6-E Routers

The WiFi6E technology was introduced sometime after the WiFi6 standard. the WiFi Routers that support this standard are capable of using 6Ghz frequency for establishing connections. This is the first time that this frequency is being used in WiFi networks so it has a very small amount of noise and disturbances.
The theoretical speed in WiFi 6-E routers is about 2Gbps. Most devices produced at the beginning of 2021 and onward can support this technology but currently, there are only a few smartphones, tablets, or laptops that support it.

WiFi 6E vs 6

Unlike the high similarity in naming, these two technologies have a very important difference, the WiFi6 technology uses the general WiFi networks frequencies (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). Since these frequencies were used in previous standards, they have a very high level of noise, which has a great impact on WiFi6 router’s capabilities.
But in WiFi technology, for the first time, a new frequency was used. The 6Ghz Frequency , which has not been used in similar networks, has a very small noise level that allows us to use all the router’s capabilities.
Here , our engineer have gathered a list to help you to find the best WiFi 6E router.

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