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Best WiFi Routers for Streaming 2023

What is Streaming ?

Streaming means watching movies or listening to music without downloading it. In this case, the user directly uses a website (such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube) to watch movies and listen to music. In fact, the video or music original files are stored in a web server and play in your client whenever you want.

Today, the streaming is one of the most widely used activities in Home WiFi networks. Users do not have to store large files on their own systems, because they are available at any time they need.

Streaming Challenges:

The streaming is the most bandwidth-consuming applications in WiFi network. You should be equipped by appropriate internet and WiFi systems.

There are two types of bandwidth limitations in Streaming. The first one is the internet connection speed and the second is WiFi network speed.

Here you can see a list of Streaming WiFi Routers.

The First limitation is not a big challenge because most internet providers support higher speeds than required. ( a high quality video requires 20-25Mbps bandwidth).

The main challenges in streaming application are The WiFi technology inherent limitations.The speed of your WiFi network depends on several variable factors:

  • Noise and Interference.

In fact, noise and interference are two important factors affecting the quality and speed of a WiFi network. These two factors are largely similar and mean the impact of an external signal on our WiFi network.

    • Noise means the impact of destructive signals from non-WiFi sources (with same frequencies) such as wireless phones, microwave ovens, etc. Is.
    • Interference means the impact of another WiFi network on our WiFi network. ranges. If two WiFi routers with the same channel are near each other, they have a huge negative impact on each other (WiFi networks use a certain number of channels and frequencies) . Read This Post for more information about noises and interference.
  • The  Router’s Technology.

    To date, 6 technologies have been introduced for WiFi routers, each of which has a specific connection speed. In general, it can be said that the newer the WiFi technology, the faster the connection speed. So, try to use a router with the latest technology to have the best communication speed (to date, 802.11ax or WiFi6 technology is the latest). Read This Post know more about WiFi technologies.
  • Number of Connected Users and Devices.

    • One of the most important limitations of WiFi routers is that they serve users and devices in turn. It means that if 3 devices are connected to your home WiFi router, they will receive service from the router in turn.
      But due to the high speed of the service, this limitation is not noticeable. But as the number of users or devices connected to the router increases, this limitation becomes visible and has a noticeable effect on the quality and speed of your WiFi network.
  • Router’s installation conditions & ….

    • The condition of installing a router has a great impact on the quality of its service, but unfortunately it is not carefully used for this. For example, if you put the router above the closet or next to a metal surface such as a cabinet or install it next to an aquarium or mirror, the quality of your WiFi connection will drop by 50%.Try installing the router at the most central point and be open as far as possible around it. Read This Post to know how to install the router.

How to choose a streaming WiFi Router?

According to the above mentioned considerations, it is difficult to have a high speed , stable ad reliable WiFi service. If you want to have a smooth Streaming over the internet, it’s better to choose a professional WiFi router. Here are some tips to help you choose a proper WiFi router for your Home or Office.

  • Choose a dual-band or tri-band router.( a dual band router supports 4Ghz and 5Ghz bands simultaneously , although a tri-bands router is a most professional option).
  • The router should support the QoS feature ( to prioritize network and internet usage).
  • Choose a router that supports Beamforming Technology.( to have more stable connections).
  • Technically, the number of antennas indicates the overall performance of the router.Try to choose a router that has more than 3 antennas ( internal or external)
  • It’s better to choose a high-power router to have more stable and reliable connections. Most routers available in the market are not high-power. Read More : Best Long Range WiFi Routers 2023

Our technical team has performed a series of detailed tests on different routers from different brands. Finally, we suggest the following list for choosing a proper Streaming WiFi Router:


Best Streaming Wi-Fi Router

Wireless Standard: WiFi 6E

Overall Speed: 11000Mbps

Range: Very Large House

Concurrent Clients: 60

Features: AiProtection / AiMesh / AiRadar

Ports: 4 * 1Gbps + 1 * 2.5Gbps LAN / 1 * 1Gbps WAN / 2 * USB 3



6Ghz Band Support
High Power CPU
Number Of Antennas
High Price
Low Number of LAN Ports
Heavy Weight

Summary :

Most powerful router ever made. This Wi-Fi router supports 6Ghz frequency band and equipped with 8 high power omni antennas. All Asus proprietary technologies supported ( AiMesh / AiProtection / AiRadar). In my opinion, this router can be the best for all cases, due to high power processor and amount of RAM.Read More : Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 Review.

Best Budget Streaming Wi-Fi Router

Wireless Standard: WiFi 6

Overall Speed: 1800Mbps

Range: Large House

Concurrent Clients: 20

Features: Armor Security System

Ports: 4 * 1Gbps LAN / 1 * 1Gbps WAN



Low Price
Internal Security System
Useful Parental Control System
No USB Port
Low Overall Speed

Summary :

An economical streaming wifi router which supports WiFi 6 standard. This router equipped with a suitable processor for 4K streaming and has an embedded security system for home network protection. The parental control system is also very useful. Read More : NETGEAR R6700AX (AX1800) Review.


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