We also offer consulting services on the website. These services include the following fields:

  • What type of Wireless Router(s) is suitable for your house according to your needs ( Speed , Coverage and number of users and devices)?
  • Which WiFi technology is suitable for you ( 802.11 ac / 802.11 ax ) ?
  • What is the solution to Cover the blind spots (lack of service)?
  • What is the solution to raising the level of security of Your WiFi network?
  • How to maximize the level of coverage of your WiFi network?
  • How many WiFi Routers do you need to cover your home or office?
  • How To Maximize the Connection Speed?

How to Communicate ?

We Are Available Through :

1- For Instant Communication use Skype : Zangiabadi.ali

2- Email : Admin@WifiAdviser.com