How to Connect a Modem to the Router and What’s Residential Gateway?

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In reality, the Modem and the Router are two separate devices with their own responsibilities. But nowadays, companies have started to combine the router and the modem into one single device ( Residential Gateway ) in order to save the cost and simplify the setup process. Generally, the term “Wifi Modem” is used for devices that contain both the router and the modem ( Residential Gateway ),  while “Wifi Router” is used for standalone routers.if you want to know what’s the difference between the  Modem , Router and residential gateway and how to connect a modem to the router , stay with us…

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Modem :

The modem is responsible for establishing the internet connection using cables (such as Telephone cables, Fiber optic, Coaxial cables, etc) provided by the telephone company or other ISPs. From one end, the modem connects to the ISP and on the other end, it connects to the home or workplace network.

Technically, the modem is able to connect a computer (or a group of computers ) to the Internet(Without protection and management), but for security and technical reasons, the application of this method is very limited.

Router :

The Router is responsible for establishing and managing the connection between the Modem and network’s clients ( wired and wireless ) connections.

Normally, ISPs will install a modem for you and provide the internet on the modem, then, you should place your router in a suitable location and connect it to the modem. The modem connects to the router using a network cable (usually a Cat6 cable). Here’s an overview of this connection:

In situations like these, you should place your router in a suitable location and connect it to the modem. The modem connects to the router using a network cable (usually a Cat6 cable).

Connection Ports on a Router :

Wifi routers have 2 types of ports,  LAN port (usually yellow) and  WAN port (usually blue). A router has a number of LAN port ( between 2 to 8 Ports) and only one WAN port ( High Speed routers may have two WAN ports , to support Bandwidth Aggregation capability).

How to Connect?

The Router connects to the modem using the WAN port, meaning that you connect a network cable ( Usually CAT6 )  from the Modem’s LAN port to the Router’s WAN port  to give your router internet access.

َAll of the users internet connections  are handled by the router. Routers use features such as firewall and NAT to protect the users and the local network from the potential dangers of the internet.

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What’s the Residential Gateway?

Usually, most routers also have modem capability ( called Residential Gateway), they can connect directly to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and receive the Internet. After purchasing the internet service, most of the internet service providers (ISP) deliver the communication cable at the user’s location (telephone line, RJ45 network cable, optical fiber). Connect this cable directly to the router. In this case, the router establishes the Internet connection to the ISP (directly) and connects the users within the network to the Internet.


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