Long Range WiFi Routers
Most routers available on the market are regular routers that can cover about 1000 square feet. But if your house or office area is larger than that, you have to use a long range router.
Long Range WiFi routers are a type of router which have a higher output power and more powerful antenna compared to other routers.
Advanced long-range routers have unique features such as beamforming. Beamforming sends the radio waves in the direction of the user. This way, the waves arrive exactly at the location where a user is which reduces signal strength loss. If you have a large house or office, instead of using multiple normal routers, you can use one long range one. Doing so would increase the overall quality of your WiFi network.

Important Point:

Keep in mind that raising the power of a WiFi router has a very important technical limitation and it is the limit of the sending signals from the client to the router. When a client receives WiFi signals from a router, it should be able to respond to the router. This indicates this limitation. Let me explain more: Imagine that a very high-power router is made that can send a WiFi signal up to 2 kilometers away, is a client at such a distance from the router able to answer this router? Is the output power of a WiFi client (e.g., a mobile phone) enough to send a high-quality signal 2 kilometers away? Absolutely not. For this reason, the power of WiFi routers is limited by the power of WiFi clients.


Our technical engineers have gathered a list , If you are looking for the best WiFi router for long range , take a look to this list.


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