Small House WiFi Router

In this section, we’ll help you choose a suitable small house wifi router ( about 600 square feet). When choosing a router for this type of house, you have to pay attention to a few details to make sure you purchase the best and most suitable router at the lowest cost.

  • You don’t need a powerful router for a small home. A router with an output power of 17dBm to 20dBm can provide sufficient coverage for you. More powerful routers are bigger and generate more heat which might make it difficult to find a suitable place for them.
  • An antenna with more than 2dBi ,is not suitable for a house of this size. Because more power-full antennas have not complete vertical coverage for close users and devices (if you want to know more about antenna’s, read This article). In fact, a low-gain antenna has more complete vertical coverage than a high-gain antenna. Therefore, a 2dBi antenna is the best choice for small places.

Here’s a list of best choices for such houses :

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