TPLink AC1200 (Archer A54) WiFi Router

All-in-One Router for Every Usage:

Usually, WiFi routers have one mode, but this device, is able to play a role in 3 different modes ,  which has increased it’s popularity.

  • The main and default role of this device is the Router mode, in which it receives the internet from the ISP and shares it among users.
  • The second mode is the Access point, in which it receives the internet from another router (by ethernet cable) and distributes it to users.
  • The third mode, which is very valuable and popular, is the WiFi Repeater mode, in which the device receives the signal from another WiFi router and rebroadcasts it after amplification.

Cheap but Useful:

An economical and strong WiFi 5 router with two separate communication bands, which allows the communication of all devices with 802.11ac standard such as 4k Smart TV, Smart Phones, Game Consoles at 1200Mbps simultaneously , allows the communication of equipment with older standards at 300Mbps. In fact, this router is a versatile router for a small-medium house.

In terms of price, this device is in the category of economical routers, and if we compare the software and security capabilities of this device with other devices of the same class, we will see that this device is much more affordable than all similar devices and almost there is no competitor in this price range.

If you want to know more about the other router’s capabilities , stay tuned and read the Tp link AC1200 (A54) review in the following tabs:


TPLink AC1200 (Archer A54) Price :

The price of this WiFi router is 35$, paying this price for a router with these functional features is really worth it.

Number of Concurrent Users :

The presence of MU-MIMO (2*2) along with the right hardware has enabled this router to support a large number of users simultaneously, this device simply supports up to 25 online users.

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Versatile Router:

TpLink AC1200 (Archer A54) is able to work in 3 different modes : WiFi Router,WiFi Access Point and WiFi Repeater modes.

  • The main and default role of this device is the Router mode. In which it receives the internet from the ISP and shares it among users.
  • The second mode is the Access point. In which it receives the internet from another router (by ethernet cable) and distributes it to users, and
  • The third mode, which is very valuable and popular, is the WiFi Repeater mode, in which the device receives the signal from another WiFi router and rebroadcasts it after amplification (Known as TPLink Extender).

High Level Security:

Tp Link Archer A54 supports the most important and basic security services. Combining these security systems together allows you to configure your router in the most secure way possible. The SPI Firewall, allows the router to neutralize most of the security risks that originate from the Internet.

By using the MAC Binding feature, you can create a list of authorized devices to use the WiFi network and stop worrying about hackers penetrating your router and network.

Also, the ALG (Application Layer Gateway) system allows you to publish application servers within your network on the Internet. For example you can publish CCTV System (DVR/NVR) on the internet and check that from everywhere.

Parental Control & QoS:

This company pays special attention to the control of family members in the internet . You can define separate profiles for each family member and give them permission to access certain sites and content.

Also you can limit the working hours and duration of each one’s activity on the Internet. With QoS capability, you can define the bandwidth of each device separately and allow them to use more bandwidth.

TpLink AC1200 Range

this home router has 4 Omni-directional High-Performance antennas connected to a signal amplifier , which creates a 360 degree coverage, making it possible for all users to experience the highest quality and speed of communication, even users who are far from the router.

The flexible antennas allows you to adjust their angle to have a suitable signal in all parts of the house to eliminate blind spots. This router uses valuable Beam-forming technology for 802.11ac compliant clients, which has significantly increased the router coverage level.

Easy Installation:

Setting up and managing this tplink wifi router model is very easy. TP-Link company has a dedicated app (called Tether) to install and manage some models of its WiFi routers. Fortunately, the tether App supports this router, allowing you to install and manage the router in the easiest way possible.


Various tests were performed on TPLink AC1200 by the WiFiAdviser technical team. Including security testing, QoS and parental control functionality tests, penetration test, connection stability and coverage test. In the end, we gave this router a score of 7.5 out of 10, which is a good score for a home wifi router.

We assure you, this router has no competitor in this price range considering its software and hardware capabilities.

Wireless Specifications
Wireless Standard 802.11ac (a/b/g/n)
Bands Dual Band
Overal Speed 1200Mbps
Range Small/Medium House
Concurrent Clients 20
Antenna 4 External
Software Capabilities
Security Level (1 to 10 ) 7
Parental Control Capabilities (1 to 10) 7
Traffic Control Capabilities (1 to 10) 7
Guest Network Yes
Physical Ports
WAN Ports 1 (100Mbps)
LAN Ports 4 (100Mbps)
USB Ports N/A
Special Capabilities
Beamforming Technology Yes
MU-MIMO Technology Yes
Mesh Support No
Repeater Mode Yes
Vendor-Specific Technology N/A
Hardware Specifications
Processor Single-Core CPU
Memory 256MB
Dimension 9.1 × 5.7 × 1.5 in
Weight 1.45lb

How to Setup by Web Browser

To set up TP Link Archer A54 WiFi router , you should use the configuration web page, which is designed to be completely user friendly and simple.

  1. Connect Your Router to Modem
    • If your internet connection is through an Ethernet cable, connect the cable to the router’s Internet port. And if your internet connection uses a modem, Connect the modem to your router’s Internet port with an Ethernet cable.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router installation review

  1. Find the default SSID (Network Name) and Password printed on the label at the bottom of the router and connect to it.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router- how to connect

  1. Log In to Your Router by typing or in your web browser’s ( Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge,…) address bar. Then you should create a password (for router’s management purposes) and click Let’s Get Started to log in.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router- login to web based configuration page

    • Set up the TCP/IP Protocol in Obtain an IP address automatically mode on your computer.
    • Please note that most TP-Link devices (Routers and Modems) use as default IP address and may conflict with each other. In such a situation, you can’t communicate with the router and you have to change the IP address of one of these devices.


  1. Go to Basic > Internet from the left panel and select your internet connection type from the drop-down list, Enter the required information and then click save.
    • There are 5 internet connection types Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPOE , L2tp and PPTP. Most common model for internet connection, is the PPPOE connection , which requires a username and password from your ISP.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router- set internet connection username and password

  1. Click the Network Map option from the left panel to check whether the internet is connected or not.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router- internet connection status

  1. Click the Wireless Settings and enter your desired Network Name (SSID) and Password for your WiFi network.

Tp-link Archer A54 wifi router- how to change wifi SSID and password

Read User’s Guide from the Useful Resources tab to learn how to configure the rest of the router’s functionality

How to Setup by Mobile App

TP-Link company has introduced a very practical App called “TP-Link Tether App”  for setting up and configuring some models of WiFi routers, including TP Link AC1200. This app allows you to manage all of your router’s management tasks in the simplest possible way. you can change the network name and password, router’s login password , update router’s firmware, etc.

  1. Download the app from Useful Resources tab.
  2. Connect to your router’s WiFi network .
    • Your router’s WiFi network name (SSID) and network key (password) are on the router
  3. Execute the Tether app on your mobile device. The dashboard displays.

  4. Tap a feature on the dashboard to view or change the settings.

Useful Resources

TP Link AC1200 App and documents:

Tether App download:

Documents :

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