Best Internet Speed Test Tools

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There are more than 4 billion internet users active in the world. With such a number of active users, obviously internet become slowing down such circumstances,  It’s helpful to know what’s your real data speed is, so you can find the root cause of problem.

With a good speed test App , you can find the real speed of your internet connection and  based on the real-time information looking for a way to speed-up your service. I have tested the best speed-test Apps for android and IOS, they are as follow:

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1- Ookla Speed test

The most accurate and popular way to test the internet speed, this service is available in both App and web-site.This Ookla speed test app is available for free on the web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows.

Download Here: Google Play / App Store / Windows/ MacOS / Web Version

Ookla Speed Test

2- SpeedSmart, is a popular internet speed test app for Android and IOS. It is so fast because of using of HTML5 instead of Flash and Java.

Download Here: Google Play / App Store / Web Version

SppedSmart Speed test

3- V-Speed  Speed Test

V-Speed is a customizable speed test App. You customize this app with your Logo, advertisements, ISP Information.

Download Here: Google Play / Web version

V-speed Speed test

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4- Bandwidthplace

Bandwidthplace Is a web-site based speed-test tool with HTML5 for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and tablet.

Web Site:

Bandwidthplace speedtest

5- Fast

FAST is the fastest speed-test web-site. Netflix created the FAST to help ensure your devices can easily test your current internet speed.

Web Site: speed test

6- TestMy is a simple, Internet speed test web-site. You can test upload and download speeds independently and benchmark them to your city’s average.

Web Site:

TestMy speed test

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