Very Large House WiFi Router

In this section, we’ll help you choose a suitable wifi router for a very large house. ( More than 2000 square feet and has at least three bedrooms). Due to the limitations of the WiFi technology , using a single WiFi router in very large houses might not be enough, no matter how powerful that router is. That’s why you have to use multiple routers.
There are three ways to cover these types of houses:

  • Use of mesh technology.
  • Installing WiFi range extenders.
  • Using multiple standalone routers.

The best solution is using Mesh technology. In this method, one primary router will be used along with several secondary that are placed in different locations of the house to provide enough coverage.

The second method is using a router alongside a device called a WiFi range extender. This method costs a lot less compared to the mesh method, but it’ll also provide a lower quality. If you want to use this method, check out the “How to Extend WiFi Range” category.

The third method is two or more standalone routers. In this method, each router is installed in different locations of the house to cover the house entirely. This method has the lowest cost but it also provides the lowest quality, as the router signals may conflict with each other. If you want to use this method, you can choose two or more routers from the “Routers for Medium House” category.

Here’s a list of the best wifi routers for a very large house:

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