Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

A Miracle For Gamers

Finally, it’s time to introduce this amazing router, which is the fastest and most powerful router on the market (as of the day this was written). This device belong to the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) series and is a complete set of all the capabilities required by a gamer, from high-speed wireless communication to hardware capabilities and, of course, special software capabilities. This gaming wifi router provides a new experience in online games for gamers and with its special capabilities, has brought the quality of online games to a new level. Even the LEDs of this device have two applications, either as a beautiful light effect with variable color scheme contribute to the beauty of the environment , Or by changing the color spectrum, it reveals to you the CPU status, router traffic status or being attacked. Stay tuned and read the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 review at below tabs.


Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 Price :

This router is not similar to any other router you have seen, This device includes all the high-end features available in the world of WiFi equipment, For this reason, the price of this device is a bit expensive(around 550$ to 600$) , but keep in mind that by buying this asus router, you have the fastest, most powerful and most up-to-date gaming wifi router in the world.

You have no speed limit:

As we have said, to date (the day this press was written) there is no router in the market that has a faster speed than this device, Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 has used the best technologies for 3 factors that affect the speed and quality of a wireless connection, including the WiFi standard used, the type of antenna and the speed of WAN ports. The manufacturer of this device has designed this router with a revolutionary approach and tried to use the best and most up-to-date technologies for each of these three factors. The use of WiFi6-E technology, along with the use of high-quality antennas and 2.5Gbps ports, leaves no excuse for slow communication speeds.

Communication ports:

The router’s wireless connection speed is useful and valuable when the router can communicate with the cable network at the same speed, otherwise, the speed and quality of users’ communication is limited by the speed of the cable network ports. The ports of this router are designed in a way that users will never experience such limitations. This router has 1 dual-mode LAN / WAN port with 2.5Gbps speed, a fixed WAN port with 1Gbps speed, and four 1Gbps LAN ports with Port Aggregation capability, this set of ports allows you to connect to any type of ultra-fast Internet Or any special equipment in the internal network such as NAS Storage.

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Excellent processing power:

Processing power is as important as communication speed, because all information that passes through the router needs to be processed. If the router cannot process the input information without interruption, we will have a sharp drop in the overall bandwidth of the router. Since this router is a gaming wifi router and uses WiFi6-E technology, a large amount of information enters the device at any time, so the router processor must have a high ability to process this information For this reason, this router has a quad-core CPU with a power of 1.8GHz, which has the of Parallel Processing ability,to process all the information that reaches the router from different network devices.

Optimal antenna design:

The number of antennas and the type of technology used in it is the most important factor in raising the level of coverage and communication quality. In addition to having 8 external antennas, Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 is capable of simultaneously connecting more network equipment, Using a new method, the distance between the motherboard connectors and the antenna is reduced, as a result of which the signal loss is greatly reduced and the overall coverage of the device is increased. In addition, the proper design of the antenna makes the antenna signal coverage more optimal in all directions.

Security and control capabilities:

Asus has used Trend Micro, a cloud based security system in its routers. This feature is called Asus AiProtection and is constantly checking router incoming and outgoing traffic, it operates in a way that even if your computer’s security system is inactive, it will not pose any risk.Having Infected Device Blocking feature prevents information sent by infected devices in the network to prevent the spread of infection within the network. The system uses a constantly updated security database to detect these threats.

Many dangerous websites that are likely to infect network systems are pre-identified by this system and prevented from accessing them, this system is constantly updating the list of these websites.

Triple Level game Acceleration :

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 has special capabilities to improve the quality of online games, this router utilizes 3 proprietary capabilities to strengthen the gamer’s communication from the game console to the main server. These 3 features include:

  • Game Device Prioritization: Where a LAN port is dedicated exclusively to servicing Game Consoles and all traffic coming in from this port is serviced with the highest priority.
  • Game Packet Prioritization: Which is a optimized QOS for gaming. This feature allows you to give a higher priority to game plan traffic than the rest of the traffic of other apps.
  • Shortest path to the game server: The router intelligently finds the shortest path between your home network and game server, so the Ping Time rate decreases dramatically.

Last word:

Various tests were performed on this router by the WiFiAdviser technical team, including connection speed test, connection stability test, processing power test, quality and mesh connection speed test, and finally security tests. In the end, we gave this router a score of 10 out of 10, which is the highest score for a gaming wifi router. The WiFiAdviser team gives you the assurance that after purchasing this router, you will not have any restrictions in any field for several years and you can safely use the latest technologies of the day.


Wireless Specifications
Wireless Standard 802.11ax (a/b/g/n/ac)
Bands Tri-band
Overal Speed 11000Mbps
Range Very Large Houses
Capacity 60
Antenna External antenna x 8
Software Capabilities
Security Level (1 to 10 ) 10
Parental Control Capabilities (1 to 10) 10
Traffic Control Capabilities (1 to 10) 10
Guest Network Yes
Physical Ports
WAN Ports 1
LAN Ports 1(2.5Gbps) + 4(1Gbps)
Special Capabilities
Beamforming Technology Yes
MU-MIMO Technology Yes
Mesh Support Yes
Repeater Mode Yes
Vendor-Specific Technology AiMesh , AiProtection
Hardware Specifications
Processor 1.8GHz quad-core
Memory 256MB NAND flash and 1GB DDR3 SDRAM
Weight 1782g
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