Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 WiFi Router Review

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WiFi Standard:

This is a WiFi 5 (802.11ac) router and supports speed of 2900Mbps on two separate bands. It is able to work simultaneously at 5Ghz (2167Mbps) and 2.4Ghz (750Mbps) frequency bands.


Several technical factors are effective in raising the coverage level of a WiFi router . These factors are connected in the form of a chain that includes antenna, signal amplifier and the technology used in Asus ROG Rapture AC2900. The interesting thing is that Asus owns the technology in most of these cases.

This gaming WiFi router uses Range Booster technology, along with its own proprietary “AiRadar” technology on this router, which has generally increased the coverage level of this router by up to 120% compared to older generation routers.

 Compatible with “AiMesh”:

Asus has a proprietary Mesh technology, called “AiMesh”. Which is able to create a fully integrated and uniform network by connecting several routers compatible with this technology together. This asus wifi router supports this technology, which means you can use this router as Primary “AiMesh” Router or “AiMesh” Node in an integrated “AiMesh” network.

Unbreakable Security:

A series of network devices such as IOT equipment and Game Consoles are not possible to install antivirus. But it is possible to find the security risks by controlling incoming network traffic.

A smart security system at the edge of the network can handle this issue. For this reason, Asus has used a cloud based security system in its routers, called Trend Micro.

This feature is called “AiProtection” and is constantly checking router incoming and outgoing traffic. This system also has a valuable capability called IPS. Which is able to intelligently detect and prevent intrusions into your network quickly.

The ability to block infected systems is also active for free on this router. This security system constantly investigating the behavior of the equipment inside the network to prevent infection spreading.

Game Acceleration:

Asus ROG Rapture GT AC2900 has very special capabilities to enhance the quality of online games, this router utilizes 3 proprietary capabilities to improve the gamer’s communication’s quality from the game console to the main server. These 3 features include:

  • Game Device Prioritization: A LAN port is dedicated exclusively to servicing Game Consoles and all traffic coming in from this port is serviced with the highest priority.
  • Game Packet Prioritization: Which is a optimized “QoS” service for gaming. This feature allows you to give a higher priority to game traffic than the rest of the network traffic.
  • Shortest path to the game server: The router intelligently finds the shortest path between your home network and game server, so the Ping Time rate decreases significantly.


WiFiAdviser has performed different tests on Asus ROG Rapture GT AC2900. Which included speed test, communication stability test, processing power test. We also performed mesh quality and stability tests.

In the end, we gave this router a score of 8.5 out of 10, which is a good score for a gaming WiFi router.


Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 WiFi Router

 ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Gaming Router (GT-AC2900) – Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, AURA RGB, Gaming & Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Lifetime Internet Security

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 Documents

Asus ROG rapture GT-AC2900 WiFi Router Specifications

Wireless Specifications
Wireless Standard802.11ac (a/b/g/n)
BandsDual Band
Overall Speed2900Mbps
RangeLarge Houses
Concurrent Clients30
Antenna3(External) + 1(Internal)
Software Capabilities Level (1-10)
Security Level 9
Parental Control 8
Traffic Control 8
Guest NetworkYes
Physical Ports
WAN Ports1 (1Gbps)
LAN Ports4 (1Gbps)
USB Ports1(USB3.0) + 1(USB2.0)
Special Capabilities
Beamforming TechnologyYes
MU-MIMO TechnologyYes
Mesh SupportYes
Repeater ModeYes
Vendor-Specific TechnologyAiMesh , AiProtection
Hardware Specifications
Processor1.8GHz dual-core
Memory256MB NAND flash, 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
Dimension8.7 x 6.65 x 4.37 inch
Weight780 g


+ Special Gaming Features
+ RGB Lighting
+ Lifetime Security Subscription


– Only four Gigabit Ethernet ports

– 802.11ac performance drops beyond 10m

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