Who is on My WiFi Router?

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it can be more dangerous than you think , if someone gain access to your network ( WiFi Router ), because they can access to all the devices and computers on your network, they can access your files, they can infect your computers with malwares, and in certain situations they can even steal your passwords and other personal information. However, how do I know Who is on My WiFi Router?

you should check who is on your WiFi router to make sure unauthorized users are not connected to your WiFi Router.

In wireless world, there is no any border as you imagine and any nearby users may gain access to your WiFi network just with having your wireless router ‘s Security Key.

How to see Who is on my WiFi Router ?

There are two methods for checking the Router’s connected devices( Users) , The first method is to use router’s web console and the other is to use third party softwares and Apps.

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Checking Connected Users (Devices) with Router’s Console

Most WiFi Routers ( Wireless Router) have a brief report for connected users in their web console. You can check the connected users and find their name, IP Address, Mac Address and connection type.

Router's Web Console to check who is on your wifi router

Most Secured Home Routers , For Home Users :

Checking Connected Users (Devices) with Windows Software

For windows users the ” Wireless Network Watcher “ is best option. You can run this software on your computer and find all network’s connected users by a simple scan.

Download Here

windows application for checking who is on your wifi router

to find more detailed information , double-click on each connected device

Checking Connected Users (Devices) with Android App

There are a few android App’s for checking the connected devices, I prefer to use “Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security” App. This app displays the connected devices, WiFi signal info, IP addresses, MAC addresses, Vendor names ,speed, etc.

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One of the impressive options of this App is Blacklist IP Address feature, which helps you to remove the specified connections and block the specific IP address.

Download Here: Google Play

Android App for checking who is on your wifi router

Checking connected devices with IOS App

With iNet App , you can have a real-time monitoring system , which shows the devices connected to your Wired and wireless network, with detailed information such as their name, IP address, and vendor name, even for Hidden devices. Most devices are displayed with their correct icon.

Download Here : App Store

iOS App for checking who is on your wifi router


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