How to Setup Linksys WiFi Router

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Setup By Mobile App:

Here you will learn how to setup Linksys WiFi router by using the official mobile application. First, download the company’s official app from here and follow the instruction below.( please note that only the main steps are mentioned).

Step1 : Execute the Linksys app and tap on Set up a New WiFi Network.

how to setup linksys wifi router-welcome page

Step2: Choose Mesh WiFi Router Series.

router model selection

Step3: Tap on I would rather set up without Bluetooth 

welcome page configuring linksys router

  • Note : Before continue , you should connect your mobile device to the default WiFi name (SSID), and enter the default password located on the bottom of the node.

Step4: Make sure your modem has turned-on and connected to your Linksys WiFi Router ( Connect the modem to the WiFi router’s WAN port , if you have any problem with this step , please read this post How to Connect Modem to WiFi Router? )

Step5: The WiFi router should detect the internet, Otherwise tap the Do you have ISP settings to enter link and select your internet connection type.

ISP Settings - linksys wifi router

Step6: Create a Linksys cloud account or tap on Log in here to enter your existing credentials.

Create An Account

Step7: Personalize your WiFi network by creating a WiFi name (SSID) and Password then tap on Next.

name wifi router

Step8: Select a name that best describes the location of the router you are currently setting up and tap on Next. ( Only used for naming purposes)

installation location

Step9: If you have another WiFi router (node) to add, tap on Add a Node, otherwise, tap on Skip this step.  You can always add a node to your network at a later time.

installation node

Step10: Tap on Go to Dashboard.  Your WiFi should now be ready.  You can now connect your WiFi clients to your WiFi including the mobile device you used for setting up the node.

how to setup linksys wifi router- wifi ready

Setup By Web Browser:

Here you will learn how to set up a Linksys wireless router by using the web browser. Follow the instruction below.( please note that only the main steps are mentioned).

Step1: Connect your computer to the default WiFi network of the router.  Look underneath the router for the default WiFi name and password.

connecting to wifi

Step2: Open a web browser and enter the default IP address of your router in the Address bar then press [Enter].

Step3: On the setup screen, click on the mobile image.

Download linksys Router app

Step4:Enter “admin” as the default administrative router password and then click Sign In.

Router login page

  • You will be redirect to the dashboard.

WiFi Router status

Step5: For security reasons ,you must first change your default admin password.  Click Connectivity under Router Settings and then click on Edit on the Basic tab.  Click Apply when done.


Step6: Go to the Router Setup tab and create a WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi password.  Once done, click the Setup Node button.  The WiFi password is case sensitive.

change admin pass

  • NOTE:  The Router’s SSID has changed , so you will lose your WiFi connectivity.

Step7: The light on top of the node will start to flash.  Once you see your new WiFi name in the list, connect to it to continue the setup.

connecting to wireless router

Step8: Now check if your node is online.  If the light on the node is solid blue, your node is online.

Linksys App :

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