What is DDNS (DynDNS) ?

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As an internet user , you may want to access to your home or office servers , computers , cameras and other devices through the internet for Tele-Working ,accessing your surveillance system or any other purposes. In such situations, you should have a Static IP Address or using DDNS service.

First, You Should Be Familiar with DNS and IP Address Concepts

Every internet resources like Web Pages, FTP sites and online servers have an IP address which is unique. There are two versions of the IP Addresses, IPV4 and IPV6.commonly,

the internet resources are using IPV4 which is consisted of 4 numbers between 0-255 like , for example the Facebook’s IP Address is and YouTube’s  IP Address is you see , these numbers are not easy to remember.

The DNS is a service/system (stands for Domain Name System) and working as an intermediate between the internet user and internet resource to simplify the access operation. In DNS system, each internet resources can have a human-friendly name, like Facebook and YouTube along with their IP Addresses. Then, the DNS makes a mapping list for human-friendly names and IP Addresses.

What is DDNS (DynDNS)

Now, whenever you type Facebook.com , the DNS “resolve”  your request to find the corresponding IP Address ( ) from the “DNS List” and then sends your request to the internet.

What is the DDNS?

As I have mentioned already , every internet resource need to have an IP Address to be accessible in the internet, Your home router need to have an IP Address as an internet node too. Commonly, the home router’s IP Addresses are not static and constantly changing by your ISP.

It means you may have the as your IP Address for today and for tomorrow, so you cannot use such a changing IP Address for your remote working purposes.

‘Dynamic DNS’ (DynDNS) stands for Dynamic Domain Name System (also known as ‘DDNS’). This helps you to forward your home router’s constantly changing IP addresses to a fixed domain name.

You can register with a DDNS service under an available name (such as myrouter.example.com). Your router and network devices are always available under this address, even if you don’t know their current IP addresses.

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DDNS Providers:

There are many companies for DDNS service, here is a list of free services:

1- FreeDNS

One of the most popular and professional DDNS providers, with both free and premium accounts.

2- Dynu

Dynu is a flexible DDNS provider , you can have your own domain for top-level domain. You can have a free or premium account , but the interesting point is that,  even with the free account  you can obtain a SSL certificate to  increase your connection’s security level.

3- DuckDns

DuckDns is a simple DDNS service. It uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure, and you can sign up for free using your Google, Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or personal account.

4- NO-IP

NO-IP is a popular DDNS service with free and premium accounts, almost all routers support this provider .

5- DynDNS

DynDNS is a premium-based DDNS service and the free account is too limit.

Router’s Dynamic DNS configuration page

DDNS providers

How to Use?

Firstly, check your router’s DDNS configuration page(Typically this will be under Advanced and then DDNS or Dynamic DNS) to find the compatible providers (As you can see in the picture above).

Then you should create an account on the relevant web site and register your “Host-Name” with your chosen domain(from available domain names). Then you should enter your account information in the router’s configuration page.

no-ip DDNS provider , account creation page

What is DDNS - Dyndns


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